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Nuestros servicios incluyen proyectos a medida, servicio técnico, repuestos, maquinaria de segunda de mano, automatización industrial, ...
Proyectos a medida, Automatización industrial, Exportación, Servicio técnico, Repuestos, Maquinaría segunda mano
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Custom-made projects

We know that each installation is a whole world, therefore each client needs a project adapted to their needs. For this, we have a qualified team that takes care of:

Requests of each client.

Solutions according to your requirements.

Helping the client decide the best of the proposed solutions.

Developing the final project in our 3D design software.

Industrial automation

In addition to mechanical manufacturing, we are specialists in automating any type of industrial process. For this, we have a qualified team of electricians and programmers capable of:

Carrying out the study of any automation project.

To elaborate the electrical diagrams in a digitalized way.

Manufacture of electrical control panels and power.

Program all brands of PLC's and tactile terminals.

Carry out the electrical installation in the plant.

Test and start-up the whole application.


Due to the importance of the international market, we offer the possibility of managing all the necessary procedures for the export. For them, we have qualified staff who carry out the following procedures:

Personalized services according to the client's requirements.

Comprehensive service from our facilities to the customer's factory.

Management of Documentary Credits and Documentary Remittances.

Land, air or sea shipments to any country in the world.

Issuance of all necessary documents for export.

Deliveries of goods in any type of Incoterm 2010.

Technical service

One of the main services for us and one that differentiates us from our competitors is our technical service, both assistance and through telephone. Because we offer the following:

Assembly of the machines in the client’s factory.

Adjustments and starting-up of the machines.

Our technicians can travel to any country in the World.

Telephone assistance for queries and breakdowns.

Spare parts

In addition to spare parts for our machines, we can offer a wide range of spare parts, adaptable to all existing machines on the market. Among other spare parts, we can offer you:

Rubber and polyurethane bottoms.

Sets of moulds for presses.

Markers for moulds.

Flocculant for Filter-Press.

All types of electrical material.

All types of mechanical parts.

Second hand machinery

There are occasions in which the budget of a client is not enough for the purchase of new machinery, reason why we offer the service of repair or sale of used machinery. In this aspect we can offer:

Dismantling of used machinery.

Repair of used machinery acquired by the customer.

Transport of machinery from origin to final destination.

Sale and repair of machinery available in our facilities.

Assembly of the machinery in the client's facilities.

Starting-up of all used or repaired machinery.

Contact us and we will advise you on your project