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Calibrating Machine


The CALIBRATING MACHINE is a highly recommended machine, especially if the tiles are going to be polished. Well, the function of this machine is to put all the tiles with the same thickness, using diamond heads, so that when they go to the polisher, it works in a more stable and more efficient way.


  1. Entrance of the tiles, fed with the back facing upwards
  2. Calibration of them using the diamond heads
  3. Exit the tiles, all with the same thickness
  4. Drying them, thanks to a fan installed at the exit



Modular assembly, with the option of installing 2 heads per module.

Depending on the bandwidth, 1 or 2 tile rows can be calibrated.

Power of the motors depending on the final configuration of all the heads.


Standard disc diameters: 402mm, 532mm and 732mm, depending on the format of the tiles to be calibrated.

All diamonds, regardless of the size of the disc, are bolted, making it easier to change after abrasion.

Mechanical elevation system, by the use of motor and screw attached in the head.

Maximum and minimum height stops in each head, with diamond abrasion alarm.

Automatic lubrication system inside the heads by the use of an oil pump.


Small roll conveyor at the entrance of the machine for the storage of some tiles.

Standard bandwidths: 600mm and 800mm.

Regulation of the rubber band speed and the machine conveyors by the use of variable speed drives.

Regulation of the band guides by the use of a rotary wheel, according to the tile format to be calibrated.

Fan installed at the exit of the tiles for partial drying of them.


Complete electrical cabinet, with PLC control, for automatic operation of the entire installation.

Control panel every 2 heads, with digital height display, ammeters and control elements.

Approved and integrated safety systems for the protection of machine operators.



Overall dimensions 3.850 (L) x 1.700 (A) x 2.500 (H) mm
Total weight From 3.750 kg.
Power From 33 Kw
Conveyor belt width 600 mm
Tile rows 2 - 200 X 200 mm
2 - 250 X 250 mm
1 - 300 X 300 mm
1 - 333 X 333 mm
1 - 400 X 400 mm
1 - 400 X 600 mm
1 - 500 X 500 mm
Production From 1 to 7 linear meters/minute


Overall dimensions 3.850 (L) x 1.700 (A) x 2.500 (H) mm
Total weight From 4.200 kg.
Power From 63,8 Kw
Conveyor belt width 800 mm
Tile rows 2 - 200 X 200 mm
2 - 250 X 250 mm
2 - 300 X 300 mm
2 - 333 X 333 mm
1 - 400 X 400 mm
1 - 400 X 600 mm
1 - 500 X 500 mm
1 - 600 X 600 mm
Production From 1 to 7 linear meters/minute

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