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Skirting Production Line


The SKIRTING PRODUCTION LINE is an auxiliary machine, but highly recommended, as its main purpose is to take advantage of the tiles with some kind of defect. What is done is that the tile is cut in equal parts, discarding the defective part. After this, a beveling and reducing treatment is applied to obtain baseboards ready for sale.


  1. Entry of the defective tiles to the Cutter
  2. Cutting them in equal parts, discarding the defective part
  3. Transport of the cut strips, by an automatic conveyor or manually
  4. Entry of the cut strips, in vertical position, in the beveling machine
  5. Calibration of the upper part of the strips with 2 heads
  6. Beveling and polishing for the finishing of the baseboard with 4 heads
  7. Reducing the thickness of the baseboard with 2 cutting discs
  8. Exit of the baseboard finished and ready for packing




Complete line is composed of 3 elements: Cutter, Automatic Union Conveyor and Beveling Machine.

When installing the complete line, only one operator will be needed to insert the tiles and extract the finished baseboards.

Possibility of acquiring only the Cutter and the Beveling Machine, without the Automatic Union Conveyor.


Roller conveyor at the entrance of the machine with space to store some tiles.

Standard belt width: 500mm.

Regulation of the belt speed of the machine by the use of a variable speed drive.

Regulation of the belt guides manually, according to the format of the tile to be cut.

Multi-disc shaft with spacers between the discs to define the width of the strips to be cut.

Fan installed at the exit of the tiles for partial drying of them.

Complete electrical cabinet, with PLC control, for automatic operation of the whole machine.


Composed of a roll train at the exit of the cutter, a belt conveyor and a 90° turning device of the strips.

90º turning device, equipped with pneumatic pusher to insert the strips into the Beveling machine.


Automatic belt stop system, in case of the machine is without piece supply at the entrance.

Regulation of the belt speed of the machine by the use of a variable speed drive.

Equipped with 2 heads for the upper part of the baseboard: 1 head (fixed) diamond and 1 abresive head (pneumatic).

Equipped also with 4 heads for the beveler at 45º of the baseboard: 1 head (fixed) diamond and 3 abresive heads (pneumatic).

To reduce the thickness of the baseboard, the machine has 2 cutting discs.

Possibility of regulating the cut width of the discs, to have a more or less wide baseboard, by the use of an easily adjustable system.

Automatic system, by the use of a pneumatic cylinder, for the exit of the finished baseboards and depositing them on rolls.

Complete electrical cabinet, for automatic operation of the whole machine and analog visualizers for electric consumption of the heads.



Overall dimensions 4.800 (L) x 1.460 (A) x 1.350 (H) mm
Total weight 1.240 kg.
Power 20,4 Kw
Conveyor belt width 500mm
Tile rows 1 - 300 X 300 mm
1 - 333 X 333 mm
1 - 400 X 400 mm
1 - 400 X 600 mm
Cut strips width Configurable (75mm standard)
Production Up to 200 linear meters/minute


Overall dimensions 5.000 (L) x 1.100 (A) x 2.240 (H) mm
Total weight 1.280 kg.
Power 22 Kw
Maximum input thickness 40mm
Maximum input height 100mm
Minimum exit thickness 10mm
Nº of higher heads 2
Nº of beveling heads 4
Nº of reduction discs 2
Beveling type 45º
Production Up to 100 linear meters/minute

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