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Rotary Press


The ROTARY PRESS is the main machine in the production process of terrazzo tiles, as it is where the compacting of the face and reverse of the materials is carried out, which will finally form the tile


  1. Unloading of the first layer mixture, from the dispenser to the mould
  2. Spreading of the mixture in the mould using a spreader
  3. Spreading of the mixture in the mould using a vibrator
  4. Dosing of the second layer material using a carriage
  5. Option of pre-pressing system on 7-station presses
  6. Final pressing of the tile for a correct compaction
  7. Unmoulding and extraction of the tiles using an extraction carriage



Production capacity of 5-6 cycles/minute, depending on the Press model.

Possibility of manufacturing single-layer or double-layer tiles, also depending on the Press model.

Frame height up to 100mm (for tiles up to 80mm thick).

Possibility of manufacturing both tiles and paving stones.


Pressing capacity from 300 to 740 tons, depending on the press model.

Double acting piston to reduce pressing time.

Piston height adjustment by inductive sensor.

The pressing piston movements and the rest of hydraulic cylinders are controlled by a hydraulic tank.


Face side dispenser with opening/closing through a hydraulic cylinder and equipped with independent unit.

Reverse side dispenser equipped with controlled carrier with speed variator for a correct distribution of the mixture.

It is also equipped with an aggregate hopper and a feeding belt using a dosing carriage, where the latter has a probe to regulate the filling capacity.


Rotary table with 6 or 7 moulds, depending on the press model.

Possibility of changing moulds to manufacture multiple formats.

Closing of moulds by means of pneumatic cylinders.

Cleaning mould with hydraulic elevation to facilitate this task.


Rotation and position of the table controlled by variable speed driver and encoder, respectively.

Centring and braking system of the table by means of pneumatic cylinders and control of the working pressure.

Vibrators under 3 or 4 of the moulds, depending on the Press model, regulated by frequency variator.

Adjustment of the demoulding heights and ejection of the tiles with handles, which simplifies the change of format to be manufactured.


Option to install an automatic spreader to distribute the mixture correctly in the mould.

Article bucket elevator for the recovery of the leftover material from the reverse side.

Tiles extractor carriage with precise stops thanks to the push rod.


Complete electrical control cabinet, with PLC control, for the automatic operation of the entire machine.

Full colour 5.6`` touch screen for monitoring the whole machine and changing parameters.

Control panel for the selection of the operating mode and the total manual control of all the elements.

Approved and integrated safety systems to protect the machine operators.



Nº of stations 6
Pressing Capacity 300 Tn (200 bar)
Overall dimensions 4.775 (L) x 3.675 (A) x 2.380 (H) mm
Total weight 14.100 kg.
Power 40 Kw
Production 6-200x200mm (575 m²/8 hours)
4-250x250mm (600 m²/8 hours)
2-300x300mm (430 m²/8 hours)
2-333x333mm (520 m²/8 hours)
1-400x400mm (380 m²/8 hours)
1-600x400mm (575 m²/8 hours)
1-500x500mm (600 m²/8 hours)


Nº of stations 7
Pressing Capacity 565 Tn (200 bar)
Overall dimensions 6.740 (L) x 5.740 (A) x 2.960 (H) mm
Total weight 32.550 kg.
Power 60 Kw
Production 9-200x200mm (860 m²/8 hours)
6-250x250mm (900 m²/8 hours)
4-300x300mm (860 m²/8 hours)
4-333x333mm (1.000 m²/8 hours)
2-400x400mm (760 m²/8 hours)
2-600x400mm (1.150 m²/8 hours)
1-500x500mm (600 m²/8 hours)
1-600x600mm (860 m²/8 hours)

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